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CovaU Energy Financial Assistance
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At CovaU, we understand that from time-to-time customers experience financial hardship and may need additional assistance and flexibility. 

What financial assistance is available?

Our specially-trained hardship staff can help advise you on the financial assistance available to fit your circumstance

Payment Plans

To make it less challenging to meet any bills you may owe, talk to us about setting up a payment plan. We can help to come up with a plan that is affordable and sustainable to cover usage and any arrears in regular payments that don't overwhelm.

smoothpay payment


Smoothpay makes budgeting for your bills easy by allowing you to even out your payments across the year with small monthly or fortnightly installments. No more quarterly bills! Smoothpay is an interest-free payment arrangement with no additional fees or charges. Contact our friendly customer care team to switch on Smoothpay for your account.

Concessions and rebates

You may be eligible to receive financial assistance from your state government if you are a low income earner. There are a number of concessions and rebates for electricity and gas. The options vary from state-to-state and we can help you assess the availability and eligibility of programs to match your circumstances.


Centrepay is a payment method designed to make it easier for people who receive benefits or allowances from Centrelink. Centrepay automatically takes payments from your Centrelink benefits to pay for energy bills. There are absolutely no fees, and you can stop deductions at any time by contacting Centrelink.

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Energy saving tips

With just a little bit of knowledge most people could save money by making smart choices around their energy use. We have lots of savvy tips on ways to change your habits to make better use of appliances such as lighting, air conditioner units and more while still living and working comfortably day-to-day.

Need more info about the CovaU Hardship Program?

Access the Hardship Policy document for your state:


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