Helping businesses achieve net zero

Helping your business achieve net zero

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Our experts are here to help you achieve your CO2 targets.

Business Renewables Centre Australia

When it comes to reversing climate change we’re acting, working behind the scenes with renewable energy farms to provide your business with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).  

We simplify the complex to make PPAs more accessible. Our simple and straightforward approach ensures you know what to expect every step of the way.

Dedicated account management

Your personal local account manager is on hand to make your job easier. You can expect tailored advice to suit the energy requirements of your business.

  • Ongoing account management to help you monitor energy usage, watch your expenditure and keep track of market prices.
  • Meter upgrades that take advantage of technology to increase data visibility.
  • Multi-site management made easy.

Customised energy solutions

Our energy experts partner with businesses every day to build smart and successful product strategies. With a combination of experience, resources and innovation, the CovaU Energy Team helps businesses understand a complex and rapidly-changing energy industry.

  • Bespoke electricity and gas plans to suit you.
  • Strategic energy solutions for long-term value and efficiency.
  • Solar energy plans that are good for your business and for the planet.

Corporate renewable energy PPAs

Drop carbon, not profits. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) allow companies to save money on their energy costs by locking in predictable pricing from clean energy sources.
A PPA can help to alleviate the risks associated with volatile conventional fuel costs. And, the added benefit of significantly lowered CO2 emissions thanks to your clean energy supply can help you meet sustainability goals by stimulating renewable energy development.

Who buys PPAs?

In Australia over 80 organisations now have Renewable Power Purchase Agreements in place. These include government organisations, councils, food and beverage companies, manufacturers, schools, retailers and hotels. The complexity of PPAs is made simple with the help of your personal CovaU energy expert, making it easier than ever to meet climate goals, lock in great value prices and mitigate risk for your business.

Helping businesses achieve net zero

We’re here to help your business reach net zero