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Benefits of solar energy

  • Clean and green

    Post-production, solar panels produce zero carbon emissions.

  • Lower electricity bills

    The more solar energy you generate, the less electricity you need, which means energy savings and lower bills.

  • Decreased grid reliance on fossil fuels

    Solar energy is a renewable resource that can power not only your home, but others too.

How solar power works?

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Solar energy is available to residential homes and businesses through the installation of solar panels. The sun's energy is converted to electricity in a device called an inverter. That electricity can be used to power your home or business, giving you significant energy savings.

These devices typically use the latest technology and are connected to the grid, meaning they can supply power generated by solar panels as well as from other sources when required. So if your solar energy runs out, you can get a top up from the main electricity grid so you're never in the dark.

Pay less and help the planet

With solar, you lower your personal carbon footprint, spend less on electricity, and increase the availability of renewables across the network. Solar energy reduces carbon emissions and brings down our collective dependence on fossil fuels. Any surplus in supply is a renewable energy resource for use by others on the grid.

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Go solar for energy savings!

Living in such gorgeously sunny climes, we are often lucky to be able to produce more solar energy than we can actually use. If your solar system produces more power than your home or business requires, any surplus supply can be sold back to the main power grid. This excess supply earns you feed-in-tariffs, which are applied as a credit on your next electricity bill for even more energy savings.

Why choose CovaU for your solar connection?

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